Based in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide, our team brings experience from the AFL, SANFL and A-League with backgrounds from studies in Exercise Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Massage, Personal Training and Pilates.

Our motivation is to provide clients of all fitness backgrounds with a unique, convenient and personalized Total Body Conditioning service to help them achieve their goals and feel good about it along the way.

The creation of the Total Body Conditioning service was our โ€˜light-bulbโ€™ moment – which lead to the advancement of THE EDGE. We all have different skill sets and thought why canโ€™t we deliver all these skill sets to people in a fun and unique way in the convenience of one session at one location?

Then to decide on our target audience.


Anyone who wants to improve.

If you want to improve, we will do everything possible we can in our broad skill sets to kick down those road-blocks in your way.

For the unlucky ones of you that havenโ€™t experienced it for yourselves yet, our premier Total Body Conditioning session sees clients train in pairs and receive 20 minutes of Personal Training, a choice of 20 minutes Pilates or Boxing, and wind down with a 20 minute Massage.

We currently also offer individual and group Personal Training and individual massage services and in the near future will be releasing a (very) unique group boxing class โ€“ watch this space.



Our blog will provide our loyal readers with information to give them THE EDGE in their health and fitness lives. Every couple of weeks we will have a chat with a โ€˜guest bloggerโ€™ โ€“ leading health and fitness professionals and athletes throughout South Australia.

Watch this space to see who our first guest blogger will be, and keep up to date on all the happenings at The Edge by following us on social media.


Giving you the edge,

The Edge Total Body Conditioning


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