Matt Norris joins us this week to tell you why massage is the ‘thing’ you’re looking for!

Matt is the Principal Massage Therapist of Matt Norris Massage Therapy at Goodlife Health Clubs Mitcham. Matt has vast experience at the elite level of sport mainly with the Adelaide Football Club (23 years and also inducted as a life member). He has also worked with Lleyton Hewitt in 2005 (Aus Open, Wimbledon and US Open Campaigns) and many other sports people in Golf, BMX and V8 Drivers. 

You can contact Matt through his website: or check out his Facebook page or instagram @mattnorrismassage

Massage Benefits: The List Goes On – By Guest Blogger Matt Norris

I’m sure you would agree that Health and Wellness is your most important asset and if you’re reading this then you’re probably looking at taking it to the next level.

I’m very passionate about Sports and Remedial Massage and take the validity and the value of massage pretty seriously too. So I will outline from my 25 years of experience (without being too biased or subjective of course) – why it will be a must for you in your life.

The benefits from massage vary from person to person. Each person will feel and report different outcomes but the bottom line is that massage is healthy for you.

It all starts with a good therapist carefully analysing your situation and tailoring a massage to suit your exact needs. Hands on treatment is often the missing link and I have lost count on the amount of times I have heard clients say they have been needing that or ”that is good pain”.

Here are some of the benefits and what my clients have said …

POSTURE and BALANCE – “I felt more balanced and upright”

Correcting and balancing your Spine and Pelvis will improve your posture and allow you to move more freely and without pain. Many people have a leg length difference due to a rotated hip or tightness through areas like their quads and ITBs.

STRESS RELIEF – “What a great sleep I had last night” or “I needed that!”

Providing Stress relief (and just by relaxing for an hour while receiving the best massage ever) provides Headache and stress relief from Life’s daily ups and downs and also helps you sleep better by improving the production of Serotonin which is essential in the production of Melatonin in your body.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – “That feels so much looser, freer, stronger or better than ever”

Pre and Post Event preparation massage improves your recovery time from injury and training and by increasing the flexibility and blood flow to muscles.

It will also aid the body to heal aches, pains and referred pain and as sport and intense activity can bring on many injuries it will help to prevent painful conditions such as back and neck pain, sciatic pain, tennis elbow, shin splints and muscle Tears.

PREVENTION and ASSET MANAGEMENT – “Yes I know I need to do it!”

Your health is an evolution not a revolution so the key is an integration and balance of the following prevention activity and practices;

– Stretching (incorporating foam rolling and releasing) – it is really important to add that if you stretch too much and don’t have any movement in your muscles then all you are doing are stretching and weakening tendons and joints.Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

– Salt and Hot / Cold Baths (particularly to ease pain from treatments)

– Weight training and rehab on areas such core stability and weak hamstrings and glutes.

– A Well Balanced Food Plan.


Remedial Massage can provide quick results but often we are erasing many years of tightness and imbalance so it is inevitable that your massage will really hurt.

You must be comfortable with the therapist and trust that their skills, experience and intuition will provide a good balance of finesse and force.

I’m sure you are completely convinced now – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or the team at The Edge Total Body Conditioning.

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